1989 Rave, UK 1980s Summer of Love

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1989 Energy at Effingham rave, UK 1980s Summer of Love
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this is when it all started paved the way for the second wave of rave 1991-1993 wicked tune playing in the background for 1989
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  1. the youth of today have no idea
    those were the days lived for Saturday night blackburn was the place to be never missed 89 was the best year top vid
    cum on blackburn!!!!

  2. met Rory at the Blackburn partys. Top guy about ten years older than us (mancs). anyway he took us about 15 _ 20 to a warehouse party in speke. it was a rum (prety ruff gaff ) but not a bad word from any scouser I think it had a lot to do with being with Rory. God bless us man RIP Rory lad

  3. wanna know who that lad is dancing his bollox off…fookin love it..went to one in 90 in blackburn but no idea where it was..and b4 any silly bollock says owt yes somewhere in bburn

  4. Anyone any info on the blackburn rave that started with Renegade soundwave the phantom. Organizers were i think scottish , had davey crocket hats in a xr3i convertible…a great memory albeit hazy….still love that tune…

  5. This is my own video I posted under my old Account I cant access it due to the GMAIL password problems. Oh well least its still on here !! Enjoy !!

  6. Tother way round,tune playing is "Hardcore Uproar" by Together.We then made High On Hope as Hardcore Uproar.Confused?

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