1989 UK Acid House, Illegal Rave

From the Kinolibrary Archive Film collections. To order the clip clean and high res or to find out more visit http://www.kinolibrary.com. Clip ref DT1

1989 UK Acid House, Illegal Rave
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  1. 6:06 WHEN YOU RECOGNIZE THE RECORD OMG IM DEAD 'Little' Louie & Marc Anthony – Ride On The Rhythm (Masters At Work Dub)

  2. Do you ever look at these kids and wonder what they’re all doing now ? I’m just curious.

  3. How disappointing it would have been to go to a RAVE back in the day to find, they are playing Black Box – Ride on Time! Jesus, that was the crap being played in the clubs!!!

  4. When the days were proper along with the tunes, people haven’t a clue nowadays, how many people did you see kicking off when they were pilling ??none, it was all one love ??

  5. My parents told me to watch this, because we were dicussing about parties now, and before, in their younger years. Parties now are full of aggresive people.. people telling you what you need to wear to be in the trend, and obviously a lot of mainstream music. And they told me that when they partied in the late 80s, and part of the early 90s, the ambient was so peaceful, no fights, no phones, no glamorous outfits, just a pair of dirty sneakers, hoodies and jeans, nothing more, really simple, because it didn't matter the way you dress or the way you were, the people were there to have a good time. Now, seeing this, i wish i was worn in those times.. life seemed so much simple than now. They were totally right about this.

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