Acid House 1989 Illegal Rave Part 01 Sunrise Energy

Live footage from various illegal acid house raves in the UK from 1989 with up to 15,000 people

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  1. Now the youth just wana throw acid in yer face and nick yer pizza guys moped. Change ain't hardly ever for the better

  2. i was 15 back in 89 so bit young to go the raves so we would hire our local youth club and have are own raves,all off are head on acid and speed.good times

  3. Congo Natty is just street tuff! Lmao !!!! Rebel mc – Street Tuff was always a wack tune! But Electric Dance by the Jungle Crew was always a belter! … Ps what is the tune that starts at 5:42 (with the creepy church organ!!)

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