Best Techno Trance Dance Ibiza Party Directet Cut DJHH

Best Techno Trance Dance Ibiza Party Directet Cut DJHH

Music Label Holger Hoja World Nation
Composer, Arranger and Producer Holger Hoja
Music Studios holger hoja Wunstorf Germany 2015/2016
Thanks by
Magix Video Maker and Magix Music Maker, Native Instruments
Are all my original tracks on my Web page albums
Rave around, Rave 1, Rave6, Rave 7, Rave 8, Ravemaster
1. Big Ban 2009 Rave 8!/oa/5646192-50011378/
2. Light House 2009 Rave 8!/oa/5646192-50011195/
3. Trance Leader 2009 Rave 8!/oa/5646192-50011243/
4. Pump (Pump in) 2008 Rave 6!/oa/5655855-50350687/
5. Base 2008 Rave 6!/oa/5655855-50350841/
6. Heroes 2008 Rave 7!/oa/5667960-50805904/
7. Ho ja 2007/2008 Rave 1!/oa/5646213-50012446/
8. Hi I`m ( Hi am) 2007/2008 Rave 1!/oa/5646213-50012261/
9. Keep me goin 2007/2008 Rave 1!/oa/5646213-50012409/
10. Mega Night Music 2011 Trance Dream 1!/oa/6496167-78522445/
11. Forever Young 2008 Rave 4!/oa/5700536-52021835/
12. Machine 2009 Live Rave!/oa/5684264-51387866/
13. Dreams to the Day 2007 Rave around!/oa/5591460-50027559/
14. Musik mit deinen Gefühlen 2007 Rave around!/oa/5591460-50014104/
15. My Soul 2007 Rave Around!/oa/5591460-50014335/
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  1. nice like your music  if u want u can also show on my channel and show my new video share if u want my music and comment it till 100 views i make a new song so i if u lke it u get it 🙂  

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