Crave The Rave, Fox 2 Detroit

This legendary “expose.”
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  1. Those things never really existed at techno parties before white teenagers from the suburbs started going to "raves." The people who organized techno parties were smart enough to know that if they kept these parasites out the scene could thrive. I've seen lots of kids denied entry and once was entertained by a dealer who's ass was thrown out on the street. What gets those mostly white, suburbanite kids to "raves" is the fact that they have been raised in these sterile, boring environments – Warren, Novi, Sterling Heights, etc – where their parents bought into the isomorphic lifestyle of consumption that was stripped of small-scale cultures. Then you have this small, underground culture built from the techno music scene thriving just a short hop across the invisible border and naturally they are going to check it out. Blame the parents who are too absorbed in their own ignorance and selfishness to know what their own children are up to.

  2. Thanks for the compliment Fox News. Saying the lights were "hypnotic" not Mind Blowing took a little bit away from how it really was, but you meant well. Psyche!! JC

  3. There were music makers, music players, and then the heavy drug takers.  There is in every music "scene"….even country music.

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