Dance On Cocaine (Trance Dance Party)

Dance On Cocaine (Trance Dance Party)

Out for free, enjoy!
Amir – Dance On Cocaine (Amir Remix)


One Hour Mix of Party Trance Music Vol. I

One Hour Mix of Party Trance Music Vol. I

Originally published on 01/04/2015.

To celebrate 1000 subscribers I uploaded One Hour Mix of Party Trance Music – Volume I. 17 Tracks of beautiful party themed trance, ranging as usually from more melodic and slower paced trance trough more dynamic and heavier near the end and finishing with more dynamic trance.

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All the tracks are available here:

{00:06} 01. Beat Service Feat. Molly O’Mahony – A Brighter Sunrise (Original Mix)
{05:31} 02. Andrew Rayel feat. Sylvia Tosun – We Bring The Love (Original Mix)
{08:32} 03. Tristan D – Empire State (Original Mix)
{11:28} 04. Driftmoon – Rise Of The Phoenix (Original Mix)
{15:20} 05. Linnea Schossow & Rafael Osmo – Airstrike (Original Mix)
{17:45} 06. Mohamed Ragab & DoubleV – Erathia (Original Mix)
{21:13} 07. Alpha Duo with Light & Wave – Interstate (Alekzander Remix)
{23:09} 08. Alexander Popov – Quantum (Original Mix)
{26:57} 09. Avao – Freefall (Original Mix)
{30:54} 10. Orjan Nilsen – The Late – Anthem (Way Too Late Mix)
{34:12} 11. JETFIRE & Happy Enemies – Brazil (Original Mix)
{37:34} 12. Jorn Van Deynhoven – Headliner (Original Mix)
{42:50} 13. Dennis Sheperd & Artisan – Neocortex (Original Mix)
{45:37} 14. Tonerush – Dragon Tooth (Original Mix)
{47:58} 15. Karadjov – Black Widow (Original Mix)
{50:21} 16. Roman Messer & Denis Sender – New Life (Purple Stories Remix)
{53:49} 17. James McGuire – The Proposition – (Original Mix)

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