Detroit Techno City Documentary

Techno City was produced in 2001, featuring Carl Craig, Stacey Pullen, and Kenny Larkin. Ends with the second Detroit Electronic Music Festival.

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  1. Try to put yourself in a poor blacks shoes???? Hahaha im the minority here. Lolol great music, but you're a musician/music lover. Not a leader. Except for dumbasses. Why do YOU PEOPLE make everything political? Anyone who doesn't underatand why Detroit is what it is, is either a snowflake or an ignorant black. I wont use "nigger" because people get confused over what the wors means. Once again… Great music… Great city, but leave out the fucking polotics

  2. Back when admission was free for the Detroit Electronic Music Festival! Those were the days! Now they charge 95 dollars per day or 195 dollars for a 3 day pass.

  3. Juan Adkins is a genius I'm from Chicago I thought no ufo`s which was a major hit on WBMX Chicago house music in 1985 when I was a freshman in high school I actually thought the song was from overseas no lie.

  4. watched this for the first time can't believe they didn't mention model 500 no ufo`s and Adonis no way back shame on them from Chicago two of the best house tracks ever!

  5. Alton Miller! And I have heard all the others LIVE! Shhhh, don't tell. God I loved the "scene" back then. Especially a series of events called "The Loft Series", amazing memory's, blurred though they may be by time and space. Being 46 now, makes this documentary feel a but like I think those who first heard "Big Band" way back in the day!

  6. Frankly speaking, i think detroit techno's just a subcategory of acid house, which again is just a subcategory of chicago's house.

  7. Detroit didn't pioneer jack shit. – All they did was copy this beat directly from the electronic new wave movement that old whitey created, slap a new label on it (techno) and then convince themselves that they are the well-spring of all creation. It's kind of pathetic when you think about it.

  8. electronic music start in germany düsseldorf at kraftwerk detriot influince by kraftwerk many peopel says mike banks juan atkins and many more

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