Detroit Techno Space Mix

This was recorded at a party in the late 90s, was pretty messy so a few mistakes. At one point someone was messing with the deck speeds when I was trying to mix in.

Some classic tracks on here though.

I’ve added some of my favourite intros to space and sci-fi films as there’s not much better for futuristic soundtracks than this. The movie clips used are:

Saturn 3
Space Truckers
Galaxy of Terror
Planet of the Vampires
Battle Beyond the Stars
Forbidden Planet

All copyright to those respective movie copyright holders. I suggest if watching these short clips inspires you to want to watch these films again that you go purchase the best possible version on either Blu-ray or DVD.
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Excerpts from 1996′ French documentary Universal Techno featuring Juan Atkins & Derrick May

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  1. Good start, mate…already rolling another joint and settling down to this on a cold night in Mexico City. I don't care about mistakes and mixes drifting, I love hearing a DJ bring it back in…the human touch. I imagine I have a load of tracks from this mix on vinyl, but my collection is 5,000 miles away. I miss my tunes and decks. Getting them back next summer…I'll post a classics mix before long, I reckon. Thanks for uploading. Post them on Mix/Sound Cloud for people to download for ever.

  2. What people dont realise arguinig is that, Techno split immediately as it was created. One came from influences of electro and then in went on giving birth to Model 500 & Drexciya. Second was the more jazzy and soul influenced: Derrick May & E-Dancer. Another was born from hip hop and house and became a genre of its own with a standart hip-house rhythm beat like Inner City & Technotronic. One more wave went more industrial way and had more ruff and acid sound – like Underground Resistance & Mills. And dont forget the minimal techno approach from Rob Hood. And thats only America.

  3. Pilares del techno en Detroit que se transportaron a otras ciudades del mundo.
    Thanks Saunderson, May, Atkins, Craig, ….
    Best from Majorca.

  4. Dope and very depressing Detroit I like the song and at the same time enlightened by the depressing atmospherics what is the name of the song?

  5. This is where we part ways because it was Kraftwerk that gave techno its core structure. The Chicago scene was house music which was a combination of disco coupled with the newer electro-led italo-disco. Whereas Detroit techno origins come from imitation of Kraftwerk and the New Wave scene of which Ron Hardy's Muzic Box was the key player in Detroit adoption of this new genre.

  6. Agree 100% 🙂 But I typed that in here because people were fighting over who should get the credit. But I do noticed that nobody mentioned chicago scene who gave techno structure. Anyway respect to all of them. After all they are our influence now. 🙂

  7. I totally agree with your butterfly analogy in respect to musical influence (since the stone-age). It is only natural that the majority of musicians will follow the herd when musical style changes direction but surely as an artist you must agree that it is only proper that credit should be given foremost to the herd leaders for that change in direction. To do otherwise just denies the pioneering artists the true credit that they are due – don't you think?

  8. ha ha – what a total idiot you are. KRAFTWERK has everything to do with this style of music. They created this beat for crying out loud, everybody else followed in Kraftwerk wake.

  9. I love people who bitch about influences and stuff like that. Its butterfly effect since stone age. And only critics bitch about it, us musicans we don't care we just make music.

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