”Freeform” Music ☺ Hard Trance Happy Hardcore Rave Club ☺

Song names:

Kevin Energy – London Helsinki Underground (K-Complex Remix)
Fracus – Snowstorm

Freeform Hard Trance Rave Ibiza Spain Techno Armada Music Bonkers 17 Rebooted CD Fracus Snowstorm Proteus Vs Kevin Energy Helsinki London Underground K-Complex Remix Girls Club Dance Party Armin Van Buuren DJ Tiesto W&W Cosmic Gate Psytrance uplifting trance

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  1. This is a club called Matinee, Amnesia (search it up) It's kinda the most popular club in Ibiza. Nowadays it seems to have turned into sort of rich american kids hangout place… You know the kinds of who can afford their own helicopters and such… But the worst of all… That club isn't hard dance club at all! They only play house genres… (in other words, this video is misleading)

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