Hard Dance, High Nrg, Freeform EDM Rave Mix – October 2014 – New Music

Hard Dance, High Nrg, Freeform EDM Rave Mix – October 2014 – New Music

Track List:
1) Until the Grave (Original Mix) – Andy Whitby, Energy Syndicate – [0:00] – [3:34]
2) No Coming Back (Original Mix) – Mavrik – [3:34] – [8:29]
3) Broken (Original Mix) – Alex Kidd, Danny Williamson – [8:29] – [12:34]
4) Clubwalker (Original Mix) – Criostasis, Clayfacer – [12:34] – [18:05]
5) Love Attack (Original Mix) – JY Jelly – [18:05] – [23:24]
6) Burning Up (Rock Shocker Vs. Steve Axid Remix) – Ant Reynolds – [23:24] – [27:38]
7) 321 Go – Weaver – [27:38] – [30:54]
8) God Fearing Man – Rowland & Wright – [30:54] – [35:12]
9) Continuum (Original Mix) – Phil Reynolds, Costa Pantazis – [35:12] – [39:41]
10) Till Tears Do Us Part (Eufeion Remix) – Heavens Cry – [39:41] – [43:04]
11) The Danger (Original Mix) – Tidy Boys & Technikal – [43:04] – [49:50]
12) Love of God (Original Mix) – Noath – [49:50] – [54:20]
13) Wanna Get Up (Original Mix) – Kernnel – [54:20] – [58:37]
14) Genesis (Original Mix) – Criostasis – [58:37] – [1:04:17]
15) Gravity (Original Mix) – Gunslinger – [1:04:17] – [1:07:59]

Hard Dance has had some huge releases over the last couple of months, so I couldn’t resist putting up a high nrg set 🙂

Oh…and Tidy Boys are back *fuark yes*

I don’t own the rights to the music, so if you want a copy of one of the songs; buy it and support the industry!

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Art References:

Mixed via Traktor Kontrol s4

I went to Electric Daisy Carnival 2010 (Also known as EDC 2010) last night, and must say it was the best party I’ve ever been to! So much to see, do, and AMAZING music!

My favorite set was performed by Infected Mushroom. Fantastic music and performance. Deadmau5 had good music, but his performance was disappointing for being the headliner.

One of the best things about EDC was that it was a combination of a sorta rave mixed with a carnival, so there were plenty of free rides and deliciously bad for you fairground food. There were colorful lights decorating the entire place, and huge statues made of what looked like bronze that were also shooting FIRE.

Everyone there was friendly and fun, the girls dressed HOT, and it was just a great time. I witnessed no douchebaggery whatsoever, other than the dumb girl who ran into me and knocked over my chicken terriaki out of my hands after I only had 2 bites. Sadness.

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Big thanks for TayZonday, Diego, Joe, Brooks, and everyone for hanging out with me and making this event one of the most awesome events I’ve been to in my entire life!

Please share with your friends who don’t know about how fun these events are!


“EDC 2012 Official Trailer” EDC Las Vegas 2012 Trailer edc electric daisy carnival trailer insomniac events

24 Responses

  1. If I were to have a rave party of my own or if I were to go to a rave party/actual rave, I would DEFINITELY want to have ALL of these songs playing loud and proud. SOO GOOD!!! keep it up. looking forward to another mix.

  2. Your friend has no personality whatsoever. Everytime you joke around he just seems like annoyed Captain Obvious. If you're gonna go to a rave, then go with some funner, livelier people.

  3. not really a rave but ok, i mean its just a bunch of people lightings fires a rave is more like lights flashing everywhere, a bunch of people in a huge building having a nice time.

    EDIT: i skipped to the other part of the video, it starts to get more ravish [xd ravish is that even a word] but at the end it started to turn into a rave.

  4. If the cops/security are doing anything other than making sure these kids are safe, it's not a fucking rave.

    I think Cyberfest 00 or 01 was the last honest large scale non-underground rave in Cali.

    After that, it started to go to shit. Cops and security harassing kids, confiscating their shit or kicking them out.

  5. Everyone of these rave vids include people commentating ''Unless it's an ugly underground warehouse with old school techno it's no rave''

  6. What is a "rave" like?
    Not this weird affected American shite!
    A few good tunes! But most people seem way too self consumed. It actually looks pretty horrid. Xxx

  7. To those saying this isn't a rave, get over it, we get it you miss your youth and you wish your races were as up to date with technology production and music as today. Every generation always claims theirs was better than the next. Especially edc now being in Vegas it's 20x better. Can't tell me some small warehouse with 2 strobelights, shitty sound and one genre of Edm is better than what's being presented today. Gtfo

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