Hear Grouper play unreleased songs in a 13th century gothic church

Including music from her upcoming Grid Of Points.

Liz Harris announced her first Grouper album in nearly four years last week. To mark the occasion, we’re sharing a recording of Grouper’s incredible headlining set at last year’s Le Guess Who? Festival.

Beginning with ‘Thanksgiving Song’, an unreleased track from the upcoming Grid Of Points, the set moves through field recordings, classics including ‘Fishing Bird’ and ‘Cover The Windows And The Walls’ and another unreleased song titled ‘No One (Four Of Cups)’. It closes on a sprawling, triple-length version of the Dream Loss highlight ‘I Saw A Ray’.

The performance was recorded in Utrecht’s iconic Dom church, which dates back to the 13th century and is Holland’s first Gothic church. It also marks one of the final performances of beloved experimental filmmaker and longtime Grouper visual collaborator Paul Clipson, who died last month. Harris notes that she doesn’t normally like to hear recordings of her performances, but this was an exception.

“Listening back, I’m reminded of how happy I was when the music went alright,” she says, “more so even at the memory of being there and seeing so many friends all that week. I like the falling bottle sounds.”

Listen to the full set below and revisit Grouper’s FACT mix after.

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