Strictly Underground Rave New Years Eve 1994 – Hardcore Rave Old Skool Video

Strictly Underground Records & Ravealation host their NYE rave at Wembley Exhibition Centre on 31st December 1994.
Includes short interviews with some of the leading DJ’s of the time.

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  1. I’m 17 and I love this shit got turntables aswell and spend hours mixing up all these tunes I love all the 90s dance stuff my uncle was well in to the hardcore and jungle dnb stuff and my dad was in to house and the euro stuff techno trance love it bring it back ?????

  2. If you were around and raving and taken the best ecstasy at this time then count your self lucky as it was the best era of music love peace and harmony all mixed together creating the best dancing vibes nowadays it's all BS negative people causing a carry on thinking there the big I am

  3. When people were capable of handling their drugs lol. Nowadays we got shit causing people to eat other people’s faces off. I wonder if locker room was used in the 90s I know it was used in the 80s my parents told me about that quick high/trip people would get.

  4. "it all started from one thing, now you got your house your jungle your happy your techno." look at where we have gone.

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