The Best Nightcore Trance Mix (1 Hour)

BEST NIGHTCORE TRANCE MIX! 1 HOUR Nightcore, Trance, Rave, Techno, Anime Music!!!! The best songs in one mix! Hope you all enjoy it! ( ^ . ^ ) now DANCE!!!

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Song list:
1. Road to Success-Overdrive Division
2. Open Up the Dance Floor-DJ THT
3. Stamp On the Ground-Italobrothers
4. This Beat is What You Need-DJ Gollum
5. The Whistle Song-Solar Patrol Remix
6. Be Alive-DJ Raaben
7. Blue-Eiffel 65
8. Airplanes-B.o.B.
9. Dota-Basshunter
10. Moonlight Shadow-Groove Coverage
11. Angel of Darkness-Alex c. feat. Yasmin k.
12. Castle in the Sky-DJ Satomi
13. Pika Girl-S3rl
14. One Night in Ibizia-Mike Candys & Evelyn
15. Pretty Rave Girl-S3rl
16. Outta My Head-DJ Mannian and Darren Styles
17. I’m a Raver-UK Maniacs
18. Shine 4 U-Punkrockerz feat. Carmen &Camille
19. Pina Colada Boy-Baby Alice
20. Loco-Manian
21. Love Will Save the Day-DJ Fait
Video Rating: / 5

Video Rating: / 5

36 Responses

  1. God, I remember hearing this for the first time when it said "published 2 weeks ago" its just so good I always listen to it

  2. I guess this is good study music cause you don't really have to pay much attention to the lyrics to understand it and it keeps you energized ?

  3. Artist: DJ S3RL (Jole Richard Hoghes)
    Title: Pretty Rave Girl – Original Mix
    Genre: Hardcore
    BPM: 175
    Release Date: December 7, 2008
    Recordlabel: Relentless Vinyl
    Catalogue No: RLNT037
    ISRC Code: GBTWT0900865
    Length: 6:03

  4. 6th grade throwbackAh the Kandi braceletsPLUR was the mottoAnd the scene phase that I 100% sure was anything But
    Now applying to college

  5. Thank you all so much for the subscriptions and views over the years. you guys make my day. I am back and you can all look forward to more songs ^_^ thank you everybody!

  6. ok now I'm not very intelligent about things but I always thought this was Happy Hardcore. When did Fantasy Trace apper?

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