The Man Who Fell to Earth director Nicolas Roeg has died aged 90

The influential British filmmaker worked with David Bowie and Mick Jagger.

Director Nicolas Roeg, whose films include The Man Who Fell to Earth and Don’t Look Now, has died aged 90, reports the BBC.

Roeg’s 1976 cult sci-fi classic about an alien who comes to Earth to get get water for his dying planet marked David Bowie’s first starring film role and would go on to loosely form the basis of the 2016 musical Lazarus.

The London-born director and cinematographer was also behind 1970’s Performance, which marked Mick Jagger’s acting debut. Co-directed with Donald Cammell, the film was deemed controversial for its explicit scenes of violence and drug taking. Its release was initially delayed by two years.

Jim O’Rourke also named three albums—Bad Timing, Eureka and Insignificance—after a trio of Roeg’s films from the ’80s.

David Bowie’s son, the film director Duncan Jones, paid tribute to Nicolas Roeg online.

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