The Summer Of Rave 1989 (Full Documentary HQ)

Documentary by the BBC on the development of rave culture in the United Kingdom during the summer of 1989.

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  1. Shame the UK has lost its rave culture. Now people just go Ibiza or a music festival. The UK is long overdue another xtc dance scene and I think Psy Trance is the answer.

  2. Ambition isn't greed and if you let capitalism go and do is thing it will eventually bring everybody up. The whole nation prospers when a portion of that nation gets rich. Rich people spend more money.

  3. Was in the Army used to go raving, when on leave, aving it large. Those were the days.
    Thay had a campaign to stop Es in the Army. Took a poster you think you can put an E in the Army, you will find there is no F in chance.

  4. At 36.17 Kelvin Mackenzie says it's true that E's were sold in silver wrappers if the Sun says it was. He rubs his nose twice. Kelvin Mackenzie likes shit up his nose from his body language.

  5. Them yuppies lol…anybody seen the only fools and horses episode with del boy and the yuppie?….lol…del I'm not a yuppie…you are Simon you are lol!!

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