Trym – The Summer Of Rave 1989 [GRND083]

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Label: Grounded.
Artist: Trym
Track: The Summer Of Rave 1989
Catalogue-No: GRND083

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SUNRISE & Back To The Future 1989 Illegal Acid House Rave feat. Snap & Afro Dizzi Act live.

Sunrise 28th Party where they team up with Back To The Future to put on another classic outdoor rave up. Acid house party from 12th August 1989 at Longwick in Buckinghamshire. 1000s of ravers gather to party to acid house from 10pm through to 4pm. Featuring rare early live performances from SNAP & Afro Dizzi Act – Cry Sisco!
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13 Responses

  1. Back To The Future.. I loved their parties so much, especially at lindford film studios, crazy little crowd.. I still have my flyers too.. I'm gettin' teary thinking of everyone.. "Turn it up"…

  2. Fuck me it's been a long time since I've seen this, I did have this on video but lost it a long time ago. I miss the good old days 😉

  3. what memories! Yes I was there, drove in the convoy in my beetle, had a fabulous time as I can't remember much except running down to the front to dance to Doug E Lazy in the morning. The best times and hardly any footage I know I didn't have a camera unlike kids of today holding up their mobiles. Friendly drugs and friendly people…..

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