Upgrade @ Street party in Jerusalem, Israel

Upgrade- Raz Kfir & Udi Pilo performing at a massive street party in Jerusalem Israel

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Upgrade, Udi Pilo and Raz Kfir from Israel, are considered to be a worldwide phenomenon and the biggest break of the electronic Trance scene in the last three years .

Everyone who has been exposed to their unique music cannot remain indifferent, and they have been raising the bar with each new release and performance. Upgrade’s unique sound, melodic motifs and monstrous beats keep creating successful party anthems (Baileys, Day Dream, The Chakra Flow with Azax Syndrom & more) that have been playing constantly around the world and puts them in the front row with the biggest names in the scene. Their uplifting melodic full power Trance music has carved a special path for them in the world of Psytrance

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Psytrance Connection (Open Air Festivals)

138-146 BPM
Music :
36 Full-On Psytrance Tracks collected from 15 CD´s (Year 2016)
mixed by Wav-E

Videos : 13 Videos (Year 2013-2016) Boom Festival, Sataya Festival, Reisefiber Schelten, Earthdance, Earthcore, Psychedelic Circus, O.Z.O.R.A. Festival……

00:00 Animato – Tuvan
05:30 DJ Bim & Drukverdeler – Lazarus (feat. Orisma)
09:04 Symbolic – Signs Of Revolution (Waio Remix)
11:16 Omega & Alpha – Transcendental
15:00 Waio – Searching For Signals (Symbolic Remix)
19:43 Astrix – Sapana
26:15 Audiofire – Chemicals
31:18 Astrix & Ace Ventura – Valley Of Stevie
37:06 Freaked Frequency – Mystic Sight (Original Mix)
41:54 Circuit Breakers – Square Stomp (Outside The Universe Remix)
44:33 Audiofire – Machine Minds
47:19 Outsiders – Our Moment Has Arrived
52:20 BPM – Yearning (Original Mix)
57:44 Space Cat & Volcano – Logical Imagination
1:01:35 Relativ – Tomorrow Last Forever
1:05:18 Spinal Fusion – Cascade
1:10:19 1200 Micrograms – Hashish (Faders Remix)
1:12:47 Ananda Shake – Magic Mushrooms
1:18:52 Tristan – Enlightenment (Outsiders Remix)
1:21:20 Astral Projection – Let There Be Light (Outsiders Remix)
1:25:33 Astrix – Tweaky (Avalon Full on Remix)
1:30:14 Symbolic – Insidious (Electric Universe Remix)
1:33:59 D Maniac vs. Demosys – Fusion
1:39:02 Spirit Architect – Vertigo
1:44:34 Aptitude vs Obelix – Substance D
1:47:03 Talamasca – We Are Freedom (Champa Remix)
1:51:28 Electric Universe – Millenia
1:56:51 D_Maniac – Yeh Manah
2:02:10 EMP – Ice & Fire
2:07:41 Electric Universe – Spacetime
2:09:40 Algorhythm – When The Changes Begin
2:13:51 Bitkit – Silverline (Talamasca Remix)
2:19:06 Zinx & Echo Logic – Crazy Nun (D Maniac Remix)
2:24:36 Psymon vs ProNobis – Viva Nueva
2:32:10 Psymon vs Midnight Storm – Voyage
2:37:53 Outsiders vs. Raja Ram – Secret Of The Magic Garden

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  1. I'm a Jew from Israel and I'm just reading through the comments, 🙂 feels good אני יהודי מישראל ואני פשוט קורא בין התגובות, הרגשה טובה 🙂

  2. Я ТОРЧУ ОТ ТАКОГО МУЗЛА – ТРАНСУХА – ХЕР БЫ МНЕ В УХО .НО У МЕНЯ НЕТ БАБАЛА ЧТО БЫ ТУДА ПОЕХАТЬ И ЗАТОРЧАТЬ ПО ПОЛНОЙ…I'm stuck from a mental sound of music promiscuous-.Well you there . and I fucking want too ! it is the dream of a lifetime ….But I am surprised by the demons,who ask ,what prevents …hampered by the lack of go !!! .ONLY MONEY CAN SOLVE ANY PROBLEM .but I fucking beggar jacket – I even Nizhny Novgorod. the festival was not able to go . dough to such events have not less than 1000 Euro ! we here on the Ural salary 200 dollars . so . it remains only to hang .

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