Volcas & Circuit Detroit Techno Session 1

Being heavily influenced over the last 3 decades by the Belleville 3 amongst others. Shades of them can be found in most of my tracks. This one is no exception!

Volca Sample, Fm, Keys (doing Bass) and Bass (doing chord lead). The Volca Bass is being sequenced on track 1 of the circuit.
Recorded in AudioShare via a Behringer Xenyx mixer and mastered in Final Touch.
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Techno City: What is Detroit Techno?

First broadcast on TV, Third Ear is proud to present for the first time online, its unique documentary filmed on location in Detroit and featuring personal interviews and commentary from some of the seminal figures in the story of Techno.

Including coverage of the inaugural Detroit Electronic Music Festival.

“Detroit Techno. The definitive Techno music.
Revered abroad. Ignored at home. Until now.

In the year 2000, nearly fifteen years after
the first pioneering recordings, the city of
Detroit held its first electronic music festival.

This film is a celebration of the Detroit sound.

Welcome to Techno City.”

Carl Craig – Planet E Communications
“A Wonderful Life” by Carl Craig
Barrett Watten – Wayne State University, Detroit
“Stardancer” by The Martian
Derrick May – Transmat
“Nude Photo” by Rhythim Is Rhythim
“Live For Friction” by Shake
“Reach” by Paperclip People (Carl Craig)
Kenny Larkin – Art Of Dance
“Java” by Kenny Larkin
“Velocity” Funk by E Dancer
“Blackout” by Lil Louis
Carol Marvin – DEMF Organiser
Stacey Pullen – Black Flag
“On The DL” by Eddie Flashing Fowlkes
Eddie Flashing Fowlkes – City Boy
“Night Illusions” by Octave One
Lawrence, Lorne & Lenny Burden – Octave One
Kevin Saunderson – KMS
“Groovin Without A Doubt” by Kevin Saunderson & Derrick May
“Without” by Kenny Larkin

Original Concept & music selection : Guy McCreery
Directed by Ben Cohen.

For more information please visit http://www.third-ear.net/
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21 Responses

  1. Oh man, this is reaally sweet, i have the sample/bass/circuit and a mininova, you put lots more effort, i thought i needed more gear lol, you just squeezed them all dry

  2. Unfortunately as much as i love Detroit. It will take years and a whole lot of reconstruction on the political side to get Detroit back to a decent state. It seems that one the money isent there and two that the people that are able to do something about it have already abandoned the city itself. At the same time when you have that much lack of a thriving economy creativity flows much more blissfully without any constraint. I loved living there. The music was great. The people were nice but the order and safety were terrible.

  3. This music was the backbone of my years 30 years take away the early birth years naturally. But that beating of the drum, the atmospherics and the vibe most importantly. I loose sleep over music because it means something to me. I do this under d.eye and trying to push Techno in a way its meant to be done. Its hard work. But hopefully I can share that vibe with Third Ear and the world

  4. I was an electro kid in the 80’s & slipped straight into techno- natural progression. These guys are icons & The sounds match Detroit. The term EDM was born out of techno in my opinion, it is the original electronic sound. Great documentary.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Superb Documentary. I love how these guys explain it as a vibe. I've been long gone but, my heart is still in Detroit. I was a toddler when I moved from the East Side ( Gratiot/Houston Whittier) area. So sad when I went to the old hood in 03'. Nothing but, empty lots. I used to go to Hart Plaza all the time even worked some of the Music Festivals back in the 80's. Great Music guys. Best Wishes in your Musical Journey.

  6. I was fortunate enough to be at the first DEMF and i can tell you it was amazing , before that it was small venues like the chop shop or millennium AD , movement blew it all up.

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